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HELP us track grasshopper numbers this summer!

You can fill out the form from right here in your web browser -  2019 GH Public survey form

OR use your mobile device so you can tell us in the field where they are or where they aren't.

Download the FREE Survey123 app onto your mobile device or your windows10 computer.

***** When you are asked to sign in completely close out of the app*******

Apple Iphone             Android/Google Play        Amazon        Computer/Microsoft Windows10

This is a Free app. When you are asked to sign in completely close out of the app.

In the web browser on your mobile device come back to this page and click here to open the free survey form. A window should pop up asking if you want to open the form in a browser or the app. Choose the survey123 app. The form should be added to your app. Once you have filled out the form with information about the grasshoppers you see, click on the check mark in the lower right hand corner of the form.    

By submitting this data you are acknowledging this is a public record. The location and GH count will be visible to the public. Your name and contact information will not be displayed to the public.The results are shown here on the map.