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Special Management Programs

Fremont County Weed and Pest has Special Management Programs that offer additional Cost Shares in certain areas for the control of leafy spurge and Russian knapweed. The programs are funded by a mill of the County Weed & Pest tax assessment.

There are a number of requirements property owners must meet to participate in the programs, which are mandated by Title 11, Chapter 5, Weed and Pest Control Act:

• Establishment of the property as a Special Management Zone.
• Establishment of Management Criteria.
Completion of a Noxious Weed Inventory of the property by FCWP personnel.
• Publication of a Public Notice describing the program, its costs and a listing of the names of participating landowners.
• Total treatment cost to the landowner will not exceed 20 percent of the total treatment costs, limited to funds available.

Once a contract is approved by the FCWP Board of Directors, the property owner may receive a 100 percent Cost Share on herbicides the landowner applies, or an 80 percent Cost Share on treatments conducted by FCWP. Cost Shares are limited to available funding. The annual enrollment deadline is December 31. Landowners who sign contracts on or after January 1 will not be eligible until the following year. Non-enrolled landowners are still eligible for a 40 percent Cost Share. All individual Special Management Zones will be reviewed for reapproval every five years, which means all current contracts expire in 2020.

Call or drop by your local weed and pest shop to inquire about Special Management Programs and sign a contract. Or, for potential Leafy Spurge Special Managment customers, you may download a contract below, print it out, sign the back page and return it by mail or in-person to: Fremont County Weed and Pest, 450 N. Second Street, Room 325, Lander WY 82520. For consideration in the Russian Knapweed Special Managment Program, call or drop by your local FCWP shop or office.

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Cost Share

A Cost Share of 40 percent is available for chemicals purchased at FCWP shops, co-ops and other local dealers, for use on Designated or Declared Noxious Weeds, or Designated or Declared Pests.

Depending on their locations, some species of noxious weeds may be classified as a High Priority, making the landowner or land agency eligible for a higher Cost Share or Matching funding for treatments conducted by FCWP.