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Over-The-Fence Program

Weeds donít obey No Trespassing signs. Letís make them pay the price.

Landowners who sign up for the Fremont County Weed and Pest Over-The-Fence spray program can receive herbicide treatments on their properties along the roadside fence line at a 100 percent Cost Share (no cost to the landowner).

As FCWP crews treat weeds along hundreds of miles of county roadsides and highway rights-of-way, with landowner permission (and only with landowner permission) the crews will spray ďover the fenceĒ onto the immediately adjacent private land to treat noxious weeds within reach. The Over-The-Fence treatment program helps prevent the spread of noxious weeds along roadsides and protects private properties.

FCWP is now taking sign-ups for this beneficial program. Call the FCWP Riverton Office to inquire about signing up.

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