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Noxious Weeds


Introduced from the Mediterranean region in packing material and first found near Denver. Now widely distributed along roadsides, waste areas, pastures, rangelands and crop areas. A widespread problem of the Great Basin States, it competes with more desirable perennial grasses and upon maturity becomes a fire hazard.

Growth Habit: Annual or winter annual, 4 to 30 inches tall. Leaf sheaths and flat blades are densely covered with soft hair.

Seeds: Reproduces by seed only. Contained in nodding spikelets.

Other: Also called downy brome, it is a common crop seed contaminant that is very difficult to separate from grass seed.

Status: County Declared Noxious Weed, Category 3. Regional, no tolerance of further spread, control and management of current infestations and aggressive control to areas otherwise free of these weeds.

Control: Fall applications of pre-emergent herbicide can be effective. Biological controls are being used on a trial basis in Fremont County. A 40 percent Cost Share is available, limited by funding priorities. Contact your local weed and pest office for more information.

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Steven Dewey, Utah State University, Bugwood.org