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Common Tansy (State designated weed)

Common tansy is a native of Europe and was brought to the U.S. as an ornamental and for medicinal purposes. It is an aromatic perennial and is generally found along roadsides, waste areas, streambanks and in pastures throughout most of the U.S. and Canada.

Growth Habit: Bushy, upright perennial, reproduces by seeds and rootstalks.

Leaves: Alternate, divided into individual leaflets, serrated on the margins.

Stems: Many stems, 1½ to 6 feet tall, often purplish-red in color.

Flowers: Flower heads contain button-like flowers without petals ¼ to ½ inch across and growing in dense, flat topped clusters; dries brown and sheds seeds.

Other: Also called garden tansy; sometimes mistaken for tansy ragwort.

Status: State Designated Noxious Weed, Category 1 Fremont County. No known infestations in Fremont County. No tolerance, with a goal of early detection and eradication. Call FCWP if this weed is detected.

Control: Chemical controls can be effective. FCWP offers a 40 percent Cost Share on chemicals for controlling this species. Contact your local weed and pest office for further treatment recommendations.

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