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FCWP provides weed and pest management services to the residents of Fremont County, Wyoming, by applying integrated pest management practices that consider the environment, the economy and the well-being of our resources.

Weed I.D.

Designated and Declared Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are invasive plants that outcompete native vegetation and desirable forage, causing environmental or economic harm. Wyoming has 26 species of Designated Noxious Weeds and Fremont County has four county Declared Noxious Weeds. These legal designations give county weed and pest districts the funding and authority to manage these species.

Baby's BreathBlack HenbaneCanada Thistle

CheatgrassCommon BurdockCommon St. Johnswort

Common TansyDalmatian ToadflaxDiffuse Knapweed

Dyer's WoadField BindweedHoundstongue

Leafy SpurgeMusk ThistleOxeye Daisy

Perennial PepperweedPerennial SowthistlePlumeless Thistle

PuncturevinePurple LoosestrifeQuackgrass

Russian KnapweedRussian OliveSaltcedar

Scotch ThistleSkeletonleaf BursageSpotted Knapweed

Sulfur CinquefoilSwainsonpeaWhitetop

Yellow Toadflax

Watch List Weeds

Most species on the FCWP Watch List have not been detected in Fremont County, but are likely to arrive from nearby states or counties. Although not state designated or county declared, these species present a potential threat to our rangelands and wildlife habitats.

Austrian FieldcressCommon TeaselDame's Rocket

Field ScabiousInvasive HawkweedsMedusahead

Rush SkeletonweedTall ButtercupPalmer Amaranth

VentenataYellow StarthistleYellowflag Iris

Weed information from Weeds of the West, www.invasive.org and Fremont County Weed and Pest.

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