Mountain Pine Beetle (State designated pest)

Designated and Declared Pests

Mountain Pine Beetle

  • Dendroctonus ponderosae

The mountain pine beetle is indigenous to Wyoming and is a state designated pest.

The tiny beetles are one of the main causes of extensive tree mortality in Wyoming forests, primarily among lodgepole, limber and ponderosa pine forests.

Pine beetles can infest urban areas if brought into town in infested firewood. If green or visibly infested wood is brought home for firewood, securely cover it with a layer or two of 6 mil.-thick clear plastic. Susceptible trees can be sprayed with protective insecticides in early June. Larger trees will require a professional applicator.

If you have an infested tree with needles that have turned brown it is too late to save the tree with preventive measures. It should be cut down and removed or its segments wrapped in plastic to prevent further spread to other trees.

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