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Voles are mouse-like rodents that are native to Wyoming and much of the western U.S. They are not listed as a county or state Designated Pest species and Fremont County Weed and Pest does not have a control program for the species. Voles can damage lawns and other ornamental landscaping. They are particularly harmful to lawns during winter when they tunnel under snow cover.

  • Here are some tips from FCWP for managing voles:
  • Cultural and habitat modification practices can reduce the frequency and severity of vole damage. Eliminate weeds and litter around lawns and gardens. Mow lawns regularly. Protect young trees and shrubs with hardware cloth cylinders, burying the wire 6 inches deep to prevent burrowing. Remove mulch from around the bases of trees and shrubs that are not protected.
  • Repellents can be effective in reducing the number of voles in your yard. These products are non-toxic and can be applied safely in areas that are used by pets and birds. Before purchasing make sure the product is approved for voles. Always read and follow the label directions. Repellents are usually available locally in hardware stores, ranch supply stores and other retail businesses.
  • Trapping can help to reduce vole numbers in a limited area. Place mouse snap traps, baited with a peanut butter-oatmeal mixture, with the trigger end in their runways.
  • Poisons labeled for vole control are difficult to find locally but are available online. They typically require the use of a bait station placed within 50 feet of a structure.
  • More about voles:
  • “Voles In Your Yard” YouTube video from UWyo-Extension
  • PDF Download: “Voles” handout from the Nevada Department of Agriculture.



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