Weed Free Forage (Certified Hay)

Weed Free Forage

Why is Certified Weed Free Forage “win-win”?

Weed-Free Hay Grower, FCWP photoBy going weed-free, growers can increase their product’s value.
Livestock owners who buy weed-free are feeding their animals a high quality forage.
Both are taking action to limit the spread of noxious weeds in the county and beyond.

FCWP Survey MapFremont County Weed and Pest inspects more than 100 fields in a typical growing season – certifying an average of more than 11,000 tons of alfalfa, grass and oat hay, plus hundreds of tons of barley, oat and wheat straw as weed-free, following North American Invasive Species Management Association standards. That adds up to thousands of acres of productive, weed-free fields. FCWP also certifies weed-free gravel.

Horse pasture, FCWP photoCertified Weed Free Forage is required on many U.S. Forest Service and BLM lands, and its use is encouraged elsewhere. And remember as a livestock owner that buying weed-free will reduce the chance of spreading noxious weed seeds on your own property.

Call your local FCWP office to find out more about the program. Advance notice of at least three to seven days is required to schedule an inspection.

Russian knapweed gall midge
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The following links will take you to the website of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council where clickable maps show you where to find places around Wyoming that sell certified Weed Free Forage or Weed Free Gravel. For General Weed Free Information.


56 Tweed Ln
Lander, WY 82520


1446 Cowboy Ln
Riverton, WY 82501

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